IWEC Schedule, Location

Here is our tentative schedule for IWESchool. Please do contact us before scheduling your flights or planning to extend/alter the purpose of your stay!

October, 1 – Application deadline. Please notice however that the capacity of the School is limited anyway (25 students).

October, 25 – Visa application deadline. This is a deadline if (1) you need Russian visa, (2) you apply directly through our office. For some countries deadline is two weeks later: please, do check it with us.

January, 10 – Students arrive to Moscow and go to the Faculty of Biology. We then shall arrange a bus transfer to Zvenigorod Biological Station at about 17:00.

January, 11 – Safety instructions, introductory lectures, first field excursions.

January, 12-16 – Lectures, excursions, seminars.

January 17 – Final workshop (aka Conference). Transfer to Moscow after lunch.

IWES will be at Zvenigorod Biological Station (ZBS). It is the oldest biological station of the Faculty of Biology, LMSU, founded in very the beginning of the XX century. The history of the ZBS deserves a special story, and students will be able to visit its Museum and to learn it’s connections to several famous Russian scientists and even… Anton Chekhov! The Station is located in a beautiful surroundings of the old Russian town of Zvenigorod with its enchanting Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery. Yes, those interested will be certainly able to have a look at the attractions.

ZBS dormitoryThe Station itself is surrounded by forests of a Natural reserve – in only 2 hours from Moscow by car! It has good mobile network coverage, which makes use smartphones, tablets and notebooks comfortable. Three hot meals per day will be offered, plus we have a little caffeteria with fresh pastries.

Assistance with airport transfers, inland transfers, lodging at the Biological Station, and an excursion to Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery shall be included.

Ask a question or apply now: IWES@masterinbiology.ru.