Principal Faculty and Key Courses in Ecology

  1. Biodiversity and its conservation. Lectures. Smurov A.V.
  2. Population ecology. Lectures. Polischuk L.V.
  3. Biopolitics. Lectures. Oleskin A.V.
  4. Global and regional legislative tools of environmental conservation. Lectures. Zamolodchikov D.G.
  5. Urban ecology and urban identity: historical perspectives and modern cities. Lectures. Zinovieva O.A.
  6. GIS and remote sensing applications in ecology. Lectures / Practical. Soloviev M.Yu
  7. Statistical methods in ecology. Lectures / Practical. Rakhimberdiev E.N.
  8. Simulation models in ecology: approaches to development, examples and most important achievements. Lectures / Practical. Kavtaradze D.N.
  9. Scientific writing, comparing writing styles for different audiences  and  publications , with a focus on formats and styles used in Peer Reviewed Ecological. Lectures / Practical. Evans C. (USA)
  10. Marine communities and ecosystems. Lectures. Smurov A.V.
  11. Terrestrial communities and ecosystems. Lectures. Karelin D.V.
  12. Ecology of biosphere. Lectures. Karelin D.V.
  13. Modern extinction and the crisis of biodiversity. Lectures. Polischuk L.V.
  14. Global ecological changes, crysisis and catastrophes. Lectures. Zamolodchikov D.G.
  15. Economics of urban ecology. Lectures.
  16. Decision making in conflicting ecological situations. Lectures / Practical. Kavtaradze D.N.
  17. Ecological Plasticity of Carbon Metabolism in C3-, C4 and CAM Plants. Lectures. Yuzbekov A.K.
  18. Sustainable development. Lectures. Gytarsky M.L.
  19. Ecological safety. Lectures. Ostroumov S.A.
  20. Soil Conservation. Lectures. Glazunov G.P.
  21. Theory and practice of development of protected areas. Lectures. Avilova K.V.
  22. Environmental toxicology. Lectures / Practical. Filenko O.F.
  23. Ecology of Aquatic Microorganisms. Lectures / Practical. Ilyinsky V.V.
  24. Environmental Issues Related to Transportation Systems. Lectures. Kavtaradze D.N.
  25. National inventory of greenhouse gases. Lectures / Practical. Zamolodchikov D.G.
  26. Plant synecology. Lectures. Onipchenko V.G.
  27. Modern approached to environmental monitoring. Lectures. Ostroumov S.A.
  28. Environmental management and audit. Lectures. Tkebuchava L.F.
  29. Demography of Daphnia under different food concentrations. Practical. Polischuk L.V.
  30. Instrumental methods of monitoring CO2 fluxes. Practical. Karelin D.V.
  31. Neurochemical interactions in host-microbiota systems. Practical. Oleskin A.V.