Plans for 2017/18

We here, at the Faculty of Biology (LMSU) want to offer a scope of options for international students willing to study Biology in Moscow.

First, this year we plan students to enroll in our new Master Programs. As we are getting feedback from our partner-Universities, we consider receiving some of the students within the frame of our academic exchanges. The enrollment procedure shall be in July-August, and anyone holding Bachelor degree can apply.

Second, we shall shortly announce a Winter School in Ecology (late January 2018). This shall be a two-weeks fascinating experience at Zvenigorod Biological Station (not far from Moscow). Russian winter is something fabulous in various senses. And we are going do demonstrate it to 25 students selected. Application process shall be open by June.

Third, we shall launch a preparatory orientation course for international students, and it will enable everyone who wish to enter any of our programs get a bit in pace with us during a month or so in August.

Stay tuned.


Launching the website

The Faculty of Biology seen from LMSU Main Building
The Faculty of Biology seen from LMSU Main Building

As we have explained on our «About» page, we had decided to launch this special website to give more information for our prospective international students, as we give start to a series of new educational programs in English. We will post announcements and details of our degree programs, and winter/summer schools.

The Faculty of Biology has another main and bigger website, and we shall also begin translating portions of it into English. Lomonosov Moscow University has own website with some English version.