Q: Why do you say “Faculty of Biology”, and not “School of Biology”?

A: It’s a tradition to call divisions of the University Faculties in Russia (and in other countries as well). This reflects the fact that education and research are united under one roof. Lomonosov Moscow State University has also Schools and Institutes focused more at education and research respectively.

Q: Can I come for a semester if I do not want to apply for degree?

A: Yes you can.

Q: If I have to travel to the White Sea Biological Station to do some research for my Master project, do I have to cover travel expenses, meals and housing?

A: Travel expenses and housing at the Biological Stations will be covered by the Faculty of Biology, as doing Master project is an essential part of the curriculum. Meals have to be paid separately.

Q: Shall I pay for the whole course, or can I do it in parts?

A: Our regulations presume that students pay twice a year.

Q: What if I want to apply for a Bachelor course? What if I want to apply for a Master course other than listed here? What about PhD courses?

A: This is all about our special Master programs and Schools in English. You are free and welcome to apply for any other course that we offer, but sufficient level of Russian knowledge would be then required. Send us an e-mail: pk@mail.bio.msu.ru (do it in Russian), or to int@mail.bio.msu.ru.